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All Food Vendors must fully comply with the guidelines, terms, and conditions outlined within this document. In instances where Food Vendors do not adhere to the agreement, the contract will be terminated, and privileges canceled immediately without a refund.

Application Process 

All applications to be a Food Vendor at the Okotoks Show and Shine must be submitted on or before June 1 at 4:30 PM. Late applications will only be considered if space remains. Due to the incredible popularity of this event, we are limited to the number of new food vendors and are currently sold out, however we can put you on a waiting list.

Please do not make the assumption that by submitting an application you are confirmed as a participating Food Vendor; ONLY food vendors accepted to participate will be notified with confirmation.

Vendor Space

Vendor space will be allocated based on the need of the vendor. Additional space required (ex. For car parking etc.) Should be indicated on the application form and will be allocated at the discretion of the Event Organizers. Please provide a photo of the setup. No application will be considered until the vendor fee is received.

The cost of each food vendor space is $150.

Set-up/Take Down Times

Food Vendors are required to be present on site throughout the event hours of 8am – 4pm. Set-up between 6 am & 7 am on the event date. Due to the streets closing, no entry to vendor vehicles will be allowed after 7 am. The street will remain closed until 5pm when vendors are expected to be packed up and ready to leave.

A vendor location will be assigned by an event organizer prior to arrival and will be emailed to you along with map and numbered card. In addition, generators must not exceed 70 dB.



Not permitted

NO Cotton Candy & Candy Apples: To be SOLD or GIVEN Away

Generators must not exceed 70 dB.

Alberta Health Regulation

All Food Vendors are required to comply with all Alberta Health regulations pertaining to public food service. You Must submit a copy Food Certificate with registration and the AHS Special Event Food Vendor Notification form.


Town of Okotoks

All Food Vendors are required to complete a fire inspection prior to the event. Please contact Okotoks Fire @ 403-938-4066.



Power will be the responsibility of each vendor, We will not provide any means of electricity to the Food Vendors. If using generator power, it is not to exceed 70 dB.




Food Vendors are encouraged to display signs that identify their operation to the attendees. Event Organizers hold the right to request the removal of signage if it is deemed to be inappropriate or unprofessional in nature. Signs should be placed in such a way that they do not interfere with other vendors.


Payment and Cancellation

Payment of $150.00 may be made via form below, cheque, or email money transfer with all money transfers indicate the Company Name in the memo section. with accompanying Food Vendor Application. All Food Vendor Applications must be accompanied by payment. Unsuccessful applicants will be refunded their vendor fee in full by cheque mailed to the address listed in the Food Vendor Application form. Vendors may cancel their participation by giving written notice to event organizers on or before June 1 at 4:30 PM. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations after this date.


For payment please call Kyle Davies at 587-284-3455 for arrangements

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

FEE: $150

Thanks for submitting, we will contact you shortly to confirm your spot.

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